is a realtime email & text/SMS notification service for users looking to stay up to date with the markets' bitcoin rates.

  • No activation or setup fee!
  • No contract!
  • No additional fees!
  • Most reliable Bitcoin alert/reminder service ever!
Our system monitors Bitcoin exchange rates (see yellow box on the right side) 24/7 and alerts you via email & text/SMS if the markets' rate drops or exceeds your specified limits.

With you don't have to worry about staying up to date, even when you are not checking the Bitcoin charts 24/7 ;)

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We are looking forward to adding these features

  • further supported markets (,,,...)
  • LiteCoin, FeatherCoins and other crypto-currencies
  • Skype/Twitter/Facebook-Notifications
  • BalanceWatcher (reminds you after receiving BTC on your provided wallet address)
  • Additional security features like HTTPS, 2 factor authentication,...
  • and more...